david lindsley FIET; Hon Fellow, Kingston  University

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Fables of our age

In the past, many satirists have written stories that mirror and ridicule what was going on in society at the time. Satire’s origins go back well before people like the Roman writer Gaius Lucilius and leads to great writers such as Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Hans Christian Andersen, Ambrose Bierce and Oscar Wilde. All  of these were extremely clever writers, who with great subtlety attacked the pompous people, groups and the shibboleths of their time. I heartily dislike much of modern satire, which to me is little more than puerile, childish debunking of older peoples’ beliefs.

The fables I have created here attempt to debunk the powerful groups that have insinuated themselves into our modern society. They spout what is often rubbish, and nobody has the means of pointing out their stupidities.

I hope you enjoy these tales. (Click on the subject below to go to the relevant story.)

How the Vikings lost the plot

How the court jesters won the keys of Kingdom

What happens when idiots take over

The miller’s tale

How the Pyramids got built