david lindsley FIET; Hon Fellow, Kingston  University

… communicating engineering


Engineering is crucial to Britain’s prosperity. The Industrial Revolution gave the world the railways that reshaped the face of transportation and changed civilization beyond recognition.

Yet today we are at risk of losing out to our overseas competitors - and in fact we have already lost the lead in many areas.

We need to show off our skills. We need to show children that the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacture) offer really challenging and rewarding careers. We need to re-establish respect for the engineer in society.

Those aims lie behind my novels - but I also address them through public speaking. Here are titles of some of my talks:

For general audiences

From under the earth to your house - (How electricity reaches you)

How power stations work

The looming energy crisis - (The risks of running on empty)

What will happen when the lights go out

The truths and myths of energy and the environment

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For engineers and students

Training on specific subjects relating to power plant instrumentation and control

General talks on the principles of measurement and control