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Engineering textbooks

My first textbook was Boiler Control Systems published by McGraw-Hill. My second technical book was Power Plant Control and Instrumentation (ISBN: 978-0852967652). It was published in 1999 by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (now the Institution of Engineering and Technology).


My second novel, The Darkfall Switch, was published as a hardback by Hale Books. In it, Dan Foster gets to work investigating the cause of a massive power blackout that hits Southern England. He discovers that a young hacker in America has stumbled across a complex trigger with a sinister purpose. This time the action takes place in London, Connecticut and Colorado.

In July 2012 The Darkfall Switch displaced John Grisham from third place in Amazon’s Crime and Thrillers genre!

My third novel, Blind to Danger, is set in India and involves Dan Foster helping a Texan lawyer who has been fighting a huge multi-national energy corporation. That corporation is now trying to wriggle out of admitting responsibility for a serious accident in India. So it’s full circle with these books: back to involvement with the law and lawyers and back to greed, corruption and financial people getting in the way of engineering!


My first novel, Far Point, featured engineer Dan Foster investigating the cause of an explosion at a power station in China. His work uncovers corruption at the highest levels in Government. Oh, and on the way Dan falls in love! (Please note that this book is not available for Kindle readers, but is available in other ebook formats - click here: www.lulu.com.)The technical side and some of the characters in Far Point were loosely based on incidents and people that I had encountered during my working life. I tried to build human interest into a story that, without baffling non-engineers, revolved round pretty complex technical issues. One reviewer of Far Point said it was “full of technical details, but written so that your eyes don’t glaze over”, so perhaps I succeeded.

Far Point won a prize in the Engineering Media Awards competition in 2006!

My aim has always been to show the engineering profession as being exciting and rewarding, and I have tried to show that engineers are far from being dull geeks. In short, I have tried to get into the complex emotional issues that drive and motivate engineers like Dan Foster. One reviewer has said “these books would make great movies or TV series”.

My latest books have taken a fresh turn -  although they have engineering themes

they are not about Dan Foster. As mentioned on this website’s home page “Frame by Frameis about some of the people and incidents that I have encountered as I travelled the world.

Ribbons of Steel is my first venture into historical fiction. It recounts the adventures of a young man who emigrates to India at the end of the 19th Century, to work on the railways system there.

david lindsley FIET; Hon Fellow, Kingston  University

… communicating engineering